About us

  Art-Know art training center has a group of skillful teachers with academic background, including overseas experts and local art teachers. Overseas experts consist of the former Vice President of Australia International Comprehensive Art Institute and a few prominent painters. Local art teachers all graduate from renowned academic colleges,such as China Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA) , China Academy Of Art etc. They've accumulated rich experience in training a wide range of art lovers.

  Art-Know art training center collaborates with Australia International Comprehensive Art Institute and France Lameleto Art studio. It will hold art lectures and exhibitions irregularly and invite a few international art experts to give instructions to our students personally.

  Art-Know art training center aims at modern art training courses on the basis of traditional art technique,and design individual art style for the sake of our students;o therefore enable students to find their way in development. Art-Know dedicates to transform Chinese traditional art style into a creative and global style.
Art group
-Renowned art professionals both domestic
 and abroad
-The first-class art educators and trainers
-Good customer service
-Visiting experts from foreign countries
Our spirit
-Transform Chinese traditional art style
-Keep up with global trend
-Artist rather than artisan is what we want
 our students to be
-Don't go astray at the first step
Our feature
-International art group
-Unique art ideas
-Develop a sense of global art style
-Create a new intellectual development
 pattern for Chinese students